Junior Polo



History of Junior polo

A Polo School for young players was started in 2005 in Kingston. Jorge Donovan (a 5 goal Argentine professional player) took a small group of young riders under his tutelage and using some “schoolmasters”, older polo ponies, loaned by Mr. Dennis Lalor and his son Paul. These lessons soon became very popular, especially in the summer months, and Jorge with the help of Heidi Lalor have now conducted polo camps ever since. Since then young players became regulars taking polo lessons, playing in club chukkas, and playing in the Burger King Jr tournament held every July. Some players have even gone on to own their own polo ponies.



Polo in Jamaica dates back to 1880’s bought here by the English Army.

There are approximately 50 polo players in Jamaica.

There are 3 active polo clubs in Jamaica.

Jamaica is one of three Caribbean islands where polo is played.

Barbados and Dominica Republic are the other two.

Several junior players have gone on to be members of the JPA and play in prestigious tournaments locally and internationally.

The first inter-school match between Hillel and AISK was held in March 2012.

Mini Pony club Polo was introduced in September 2013 for riders as young as 5.



To encourage new players to ride, play polo and keep and care horses.

To introduce players to the game at a younger age thus helping them achieve a higher handicap ultimately improving the overall standard of play in the local game.


Additional information and frequently asked questions about Polo School

  1. A KPC junior polo yearly membership is required for players using the Kingston Polo Club field.
  2. Official school team shirts and saddle pads are imported from Polo Gear USA and are available at an additional cost.
  3. Players are encouraged to purchase their own polo gear, however, we have suitable lending equipment on the property.
  4. Polo is a recognized varsity sport across the US and played competitively at universities around the world.
  5. Schools polo teams require a minimum of 4 players.
  6. Polo coaches will advise on suitable programs.


AISK polo team uniform


Hillel polo team uniform