I am a retired polo pony with a US passport who came all the way from Alabama. I had a successful polo career playing for the big boss Mr. Lalor. The Pony Club abducted me during a princess summer camp where I was covered with glitter, paint and I even wore a crown. Now I’m basically a fixture in the lesson program and I am one of the most popular beginner horses because of my paces and I don’t require a lot of work. I can be moody in lessons around other ponies but I am consistent so consider yourself lucky to ride me!


I am the triple threat. I excel in many disciplines with ease, polo, jumping, dressage so it’s fair to say I am pretty popular amongst riders and instructors. I was born in Ocho Rios and joined the Pony Club because I was steady, easy, cool, good looking, balanced, calm and collected. I have a very bouncy trot which the dressage judges love but not the beginner riders. When I’m not in Pony Club lessons I can be found on the polo field. My favorite activity is eating and I am basically happy doing whatever the job might be.

Likkle Shabba

I am a local pony who grew up under a tree in Ocho Rios. As a youth I moved to the Pony Club and enjoyed learning to jump and now I teach the young riders how to jump! I am forward mover with a soft mouth and lots of jumping talent. I am probably more popular than Amigo because I’m smooth as silk, two colored and get the most likes on Facebook. I have dreams of a Show jumping career and have practiced my jumping skills in and out of pastures, especially the ones with chestnut mares!

Ride The Wave

I ended my hunter jumper career in Florida to join the Pony Club in Jamaica. I am a Welsh / TB large pony gelding with numerous you tube show videos. I have introduced many beginner riders to cantering, dressage and jumping. I am a school master who’s extremely intelligent and non complicated, which means, I will snatch at grass, trees, shrubs and dressage flowers. I also like doing circles to trick young riders so they forget where they were going. I can be a menace in group lessons doing the typical annoying things like nibbling other horse’s behinds. When I’m not in time out I am the king of private lessons. Sometimes I need to be ridden with a whip but overall I like kids especially when they give me treats.


I began my career in polo and now I am the perfect all rounder Pony Club Pony. I am kind and willing and have my own jockey named Savannah. I have been working consistently for the past year developing my strength and confidence for the dressage and jumping arenas, my other hobbies include visiting the polo field to watch the games and I love photo shoots! I am a beautiful chestnut mare with a shiny coat and I’m definitely the best looking horse at the barn. In the future I am looking forward to working hard and wining a ‘Blu’ ribbon some day!


I’ m a registered Dutch Warmblood with quality dressage breeding and a US passport. I have finally settled into life in Jamaica though the flies and heat sometimes bother me. I am obviously not a Pony Club Pony, however, I have watched numerous lessons from my pasture and have recently joined the lesson program with older students and have found the experience quite enjoyable! I participate in clinics, and have competed in Elementary Dressage and Show Jumping. My favorite discipline is jumping and I enjoy being groomed and having leisurely outrides. My favorite activity is yoga stretching.


I grew up under the same tree as Shabba in Ocho Rios where I was a trail pony and my name was Star Boy. I resemble Black Beauty and I have super pony potential, however, I am the youngster of the group and sometimes the class clown. I spend my mornings in training with the instructors and when I’m in lessons I have my own tricks to show the instructor. I am the ultimate pet and have a great personality and love kids. My riders need to be firm in the beginning and then we will have a great time together as I am steady and very willing to jump.


I joined the Pony Club because of my perfect size and exotic blue roan color. I was born and raised in Ocho Rios and I am ‘mama’ to young Sven. At the moment I am working on my fitness, balance and schooling with the instructors and mostly doing leadline lessons with the mini Pony Club members. Don’t kick too hard as I’m a forward ride. I am looking forward to a future job in the Pony Club and hopefully one day I can make my debut under my show name ‘Princess in Blue’.


I am the perfect riding school horse with a gifted brain of an advanced horse. My polo career never took off and I rose to fame quickly within the Pony Club due to my slow and steady paces. My hobbies include relaxing in my stable, receiving treats, getting chiropractic adjustments, Looking amazing and planning my future retirement. However, don’t be fooled I can impress a dressage judge and clear jumps, be prepared to use your legs correctly please!


My name is Zazu and I have played polo all my life. I was recently retired to the mini Pony Club program with my young Jockey Max. I am loving my new job and have recently had a very successful dressage debut at a couple of shows. I am a very easy going and responsive which makes me a great lesson horse and I enjoy teaching the young riders the paces.


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