Events 2018 Date
Jumping show at The Kingston Polo Club February 11th
Wales / Jamaica Polo Camp & Training Day at St Ann Polo Club April 4th – 7th
Tru Juice Farming Badge May
Summer Bootcamp and Outing (TBC)
St. Ann Polo Club Training Day / Burger King Jr Polo Tournament July 7th
UK Summer Training & Pony Club team show with Samantha Albert July 13th – 22nd
Pony Club Halloween Horse Costume competition October (TBC)
The German Shepherd Club Dog Show & Pony Club Mini Working Dog Badge October 7th
Sam Albert Clinics October 1st – 5th
ICWI Pink Run October 28th
Fundraiser badge for rescued pony Spirit at St Ann Polo Club November 10th
Musical Dressage Show November 22nd
Sam Albert Clinics November 19th – 23rd

We are closed in the months of August and December.